2 ½" x 4 ½" Laminated Holy Cards .60 Each. $56.00 per 100 Item # Subject Prayer to... E24-123 Divine Mercy Chaplet Divine Mercy Chaplet E24-651 Holy Spirit Confirmation Holy Spirit Confirmation E24-770 Infant of Prague Novena Infant of Prague Novena E24-133 Holy Trinity Prayer Holy Trinity E24-174 Sacred Heart of Jesus Anima Christi E24-156 Sacred Heart of Jesus Sacred Heart of Jesus E24-251 Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue E24-284 Mary Help of Christians Mary Help of Christians E24-259 O.L. of Fatima Novena O.L. of Fatima Novena E24-253 Memory of O.L. of Grace Memory of O.L. of Grace E24-210 Magnificat Magnificat E24-275 O.L. of Mt. Carmel O.L. of Mt. Carmel E24-208 O.L. of Perpetual Help O.L. of Perpetual Help E24-906 O.L. Untier of Knots O.L. Untier of Knots E24-297 O.L. of Victory O.L. of Victory E24-902 O.L. Queen of Peace O.L. Queen of Peace E24-223 O.L. of Czestochowa O.L. of Czestochowa E24-216 O.L. of Guadalupe O.L. of Guadalupe E24-575 St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta E24-400 St. Agatha St. Agatha E24-401 St. Agnes St. Agnes E24-403 St. Alphonsus St. Alphonsus E24-404 St. Andrew St. Andrew E24-612 St. Anne Obtain Favor E24-303 St. Anthony Unfailing Prayer E24-406 St. Augustine St. Augustine E24-408 St. Barbara St. Barbara E24-412 St. Blaise St. Blaise E24-413 St. Brendan St. Brendan E24-411 St. Brigid St. Brigid E24-418 St. Catherine of Laboure St. Catherine of Laboure Item # Subject Prayer to... E24-415 St. Catherine of Alexandria St. Catherine of Alexandria E24-416 St. Catherine of Siena Bio of St. Catherine of Siena E24-420 St. Cecilia St. Cecilia E24-426 St. Clare St. Clare E24-427 Sts. Cosmos & Damian Sts. Cosmos & Damian E24-428 St. Dominic St. Dominic E24-434 St. Dymphna In Honor of St. Dympha E24-438 St. Elizabeth For Widows And Widowers E24-436 St. Elizabeth Seton St. Elizabeth Seton E24-440 St. Florian Fireman Prayer E24-574 Pope Francis Pop Francis E24-442 St. Francis Cabrini St. Francis Cabrini E24-311 St. Francis Peace Prayer E24-444 St. Francis Xavier St. Francis Xavier Novena E24-445 St. Gabriel St. Gabriel E24-447 St. Genesius St. Genesius E24-617 St. Gerard Thanksgiving Prayer E24-786 Easter of St. Gregory Easter of St. Gregory E24-448 St. Helen St. Helen E24-452 St. Ignatius Loyola St. Ignatius Loyola E24-967 St. Joan of Arc Novena to St. Joan of Arc E24-568 Pope John Xxiii Pope John Xxiii E24-468 St. John Bosco Bio to St. John Bosco E24-472 St. John Mary Vianney Bio of St. John Mary Vianney E24-469 St. John of The Cross St. John of The Cross E24-964 St. John The Baptist St. John The Baptist E24-632 St. Jospeh 50th Year Our Lord E24-637 St. Joseph Employment E24-631 St. Joseph St. Joseph E24-325 Don’t Quit Don’t Quit E24-320 St. Jude St. Jude E24-321 St. Jude Thanksgiving Novena Item # Subject Prayer to... E24-474 St. Kateri Tekakwitha St. Kateri Tekakwitha- E24-476 St. Lawrence St. Lawrence E24-482 St. Luke St. Luke E24-486 St. Maria Goretti St. Maria Goretti E24-488 St. Mark St. Mark E24-490 St. Martha Novena St. Martha Novena Prayer E24-492 St. Martin De Porres St. Martin De Porres E24-494 St. Martin of tours St. Martin of tours E24-500 St. Matthew St. Matthew E24-502 St. Maximilian Kolbe St. Maximillian Kolbe E24-334 St. Michael Policeman’s Policeman’s Prayer E24-330 St. Michael St. Michael E24-506 St. Monica Biography St. Monica E24-640 St. Patrick Hail Glorious Saint Hail Glorious Saint E24-512 St. Paul Novena St. Paul Novena Prayer E24-571 Pope John Paul Ii Pope John Paul Ii E24-515 St. Peregrine St. Peregrine E24-518 St. Peter Novena St. Peter Novena Prayer E24-519 St. Philip St. Philip E24-520 St. Philomena Novena St. Philomena- Novena to E24-523 St. Pio of Pietrelcina St. Pio of Pietrelcina E24-526 St. Raphael St. Raphael E24-528 St. Raymond St. Raymond E24-532 St. Rita St Rita E24-534 St. Robert St. Robert E24-536 St. Rocco St. Rocco E24-541 St. Sebastian St. Sebastian E24-544 St. Sophia St. Sophia E24-546 St. Stephen St. Stephen E24-548 St. Teresa of Avila St. Teresa of Avila E24-340 St. Therese Pick Me A Rose E24-558 St. Veronica St. Veronica Item # Subject Prayer to... E24-564 St. William St. William E24-804 Christmas Blessing Christmas Blessing E24-718 Christ Kids Act of Contrition E24-767 Act of Contrition Act of Contrition E24-277 Angelus - Annunciation Angelus E24-374 Last Supper Apostle’s Creed E24-672 Communion Boy Communion Boy E24-673 Communion Girl Communion Girl E24-695 First Communion First Communion E24-658 For Light Holy Spirit For Light Holy Spirit E24-155 Footprints Footprints E24-749 Family God Family God E24-350 Guardian Angel - Angel of God Guardian Angel - Angel of God E24-108 I Said A For You today I Said A For You today E24-715 Marriage Blessing Marriage Blessing E24-212 Mysteries of The Rosary Mysteries of The Rosary E24-145 Before A Crucifix Before A Crucifix E24-623 Journey, Before A Journey, Before A E24-221 Helpless Unborn Helpless Unborn E24-335 For Those In The Service For Those In The Service E24-192 Consecration, A of Consecration, A of E24-704 Serenity - Long Version Serenity - Long Version E24-126 Serenity Head of Christ E24-708 Beatitudes Christ Blessing E24-195 Cross In My Pocket Cross In My Pocket E24-239 Hail Mary Hail Mary E24-173 Lord’s Lord’S E24-129 Ten Commandments Ten Commandments E24-467 Altar Server St. John Berchman St. John Berchman E24-136 Twenty-Third Psalm Twenty-Third Psalm E24-330 St. Michael E24-340 St. Therese - Pick Me A Rose E24-350 Guardian Angel - Angel of God E24-210 Magnificat E24-123 Divine Mercy Chaplet E24-253 Memorare E24-205 Immaculate Heart of Mary Novena E24-300 St. Anthony Laminated Holy Cards A19 Prices subject to change without notice.