Copy Suggestions Layout/Instruction Guide $40.00, 8” x 10”, 50 per box (Gold Foil) 07-0123 Baptism 07-1542 Marriage 07-0553 Confirmation 07-1226 Reconciliation 07-1068 First Communion $40.00, 8” x 10”, 50 per box (Gold Foil) 07-1067 First Communion 07-0552 Confirmation 07-1543 Marriage 07-1225 Reconciliation 07-0122 Baptism $40.00, 8” x 10”, 50 per box (Gold Foil) 07-1071 First Communion 07-1545 Marriage 07-0556 Confirmation 07-1230 Reconciliation 07-0128 Baptism $40.00, 8” x 10”, 50 per box (Gold Foil) 07-1036 First Communion 07-1209 Reconciliation 07-0115 Baptism 07-0532 Confirmation •Each box is shipped with wording suggestions, a paper layout guide for easy positioning, and envelopes. “Create Your Own” Certificates, which feature the same quality paper, artwork, and foil accents as our regular line are specially designed for use in your laser printer! $40.00, 8" x 10", 50 per box (Gold Foil) 07-0127 Baptism 07-1544 Marriage 07-0555 Confirmation 07-1229 Reconciliation 07-1070 First Communion 07-3015 RCIA MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE UNITED IN MARRIAGE BAPTISM CERTIFICATE BAPTIZED CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATE CONFIRMED CERTIFICATE of FIRST COMMUNION THE HOLY EUCHARIST Reconciliation Certificate Sacrament of Reconciliation Marriage Certificate United in Marriage …and the two shall become one Ephesians 5:31 First Communion Certificate the Holy Eucharist I am the bread of life… whoever eats this breadwill live forever. John 6:35-58 Confirmation Certificate Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful;and kindle in them the fire of your love Baptism Certificate Baptized I am theWay, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6 Rite of ChristianInitiation Create Your Own Certificate Layout and Instruction Guide 1. Photocopy this layout guide. Save the original for future use. 2. Set the document margins so that all copy will print 1” inside of the border. Note where the preprinted graphic and type positions are indicated on this template to avoid overprinting. 3. Print on your laser printer or photocopier. Slight adjustments may be necessary depending on the printing method used. 4. Store the original template and unused certificates in the original packaging. Baptism Certificate XR-510 To help you get started, we’ve enclosed the fol- lowing copy suggestions. Feel free to use them directly, or customize and create your own certificates. (Confirmation Certificate) According to the Rite of the Catholic Church _____________________________________ was sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit on the _______ day of __________, _____ at__________________________________ Church City, State by ___________________ “Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained.” John 20: 22-23 Congratulations on your purchase of Create your Own certificates! H7072 (Certificate of Baptism) ___________________________________ Born _______________________________ Child of _____________________________ (was Baptized) In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on the _______ day of _______ ________________________________________ Church City Rev. ________________________________ Godparents __________________________ __________________________ “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 (Certificate of First Communion) According to the Rite of the Catholic Church _____________________________________ received (The Holy Eucharist) for the first time on the _____________day of ____________ at __________________________________ Church City, State _______________________ Pastor (Marriage Certificate) This is to certify that ______________________________ and ______________________________ were (United in Marriage) on the ____ day of ____________, _____ with ___________________officiating at _______________________________ Church __________________________________ City State In the presence of __________________ Witness __________________ Witness __________________ Pastor Create your Own! First Communion Baptism Confirmation Marriage Reconciliation (First Communion Certificate) _____________________________________ received (The Holy Eucharist) for the first time on the ____ day of ____________, _____ at ________________________________ Church City ____________________ Signature (Baptism Certificate) According to the Rite of the Catholic Church ______________________________________ Born on the_________ day of _____ _____ in_____________________________________ City State Child of____________________________ (was Baptized) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit By_____________________________________ at_____________________________________ Church City, State On the_____ day of ________, ____ Godparents ___________________ ___________________ (Reconciliation Certificate) ______________________________________ celebrated for the first time the (Sacrament of Reconciliation ) in_____________________________________ Church _____________________________________ City State ____________________ ______________ Signature Date * Words in parenthesis( ) are pre-printed Print Your Own Certificates A30 Print Your Own Certificates A30 Prices subject to change without notice.