A-29 Acolyte A-30 Altar Server A-13 Bereavement A-22 Catechist A-25 Catechumen A-16 Choir A-28 Confirmation A-20 Educator A-18 Eucharistic Minister A-24 Godparent A-12 Hospitality A-15 Lay Minister A-19 Lay Reader A-10 Lay Visitor A-21 Lector A-31 Minister of Care A-37 Minister of Consolation A-32 Pastoral Care A-36 Penance A-26 RCIA A-33 Secretary A-17 Service A-27 Sponsor A-34 Treasurer A-11 Usher A-35 Volunteer A-14 Youth Choir A-23 Youth Minister The Jerusalem Cross Lapel Pins with Clutchback Shown at actual size. Same design and color in all titles $4.50 ea The Service of the Word Parish Hospitality The Service of the Altar Liturgical Song and Music Confirmation Educators and Students B-43 $4.75 B-44 $4.75 B-12 $4.75 2570 $4.75 B-56 $4.75 B-83 $4.75 B-22 $4.75 B-19 $4.75 B-47 $4.75 B-28 $4.75 B-38 $4.75 B-23 $4.75 B-45 $4.75 B-48 $4.75 B-17 $4.75 B-68 $4.75 B-18 $4.75 B-65 $4.75 B-77 $4.75 B-66 $4.75 B-32 $4.75 B-25 $4.75 B-15 $4.75 B-40 $4.75 B-71 $4.75 B-21 $4.75 B-79 $4.75 B-80 $4.75 B-82 $4.75 B-75 $4.75 B-20 $4.75 B-30 $4.75 B-57 $4.75 B-46 Deacon’s Spouse $4.75 Ministry Lapel Pins J-10 $4.75 Prices subject to change without notice. (average size 1”) B58