HOLY SPIRIT POCKET TOKEN Tokens are 1-1/8” diameter. Made in pewter 59-0101..............$2.25 Front Back Confirmation Adjustable Cord Bracelet with dove and cross medals. 7”L 24-1866.............$2.25 Two-tone key ring with Holy Spirit 20-7518 $3.50 Transfer Name Sheets. White or Red Sheets of 51 assorted letters=1” high. Easily pressed onto scarf. Personalizes the scarf with the individual’s name. #E9 - $3.00 per sheet SCARVES FOR ADULTS AND TEENAGERS White or Red Polyester felt Easily trimmed with scissors. #F1 - $5.75 ea. Plain Felt, Red or White 4” x 45” 58795 Descending Dove Design 4” x 45”L Available in Red or White $5.05 Confirmation Cross Shape Pocket Token In Pewter. 73-5702 .....$2.25 Back Front 01-3407 7 Gifts of The Holy Spirit Holy Card. Paper. 2-1/4” x 4” $24.00/100 Confirmation Keepsake Cross - 6” high, gold embossed. 56-0766 .....$4.50 Confirmation Book An ideal book for Confirmation candidates. Contains Confirmation rite, prayers, instructions, and readings from the Gospel. Printed in two colors, with large type and inspiring illustrations. 288 pages, 4” x 6-1/4”. 249/04 ....$9.95 Holy Spirit Red Enamel 20-7644 $5.70 Confirmation Bible St. Joseph Edition New Catholic Bible Version Features Confirmation record page, new maps, Bible dictionary & index, footnotes, words of Christ in RED, embossed & gold stamped Dura-Lux cover, gilded page edges. 1848 pages, 5-1/2” x 8”. 608/19C ....$39.00 (This is not the New American Bible Version) Confirmation Cross Genuine hand finished pewter. 5-1/2” H. 56-0751 $16.20 Bracelets and Devotional Items B7 Prices subject to change without notice. 31-6021 $2.99 Red imitation pearl 6mm bead rosary, dove center, 1-1/2” crucifix, 19-1/2” L with plastic My Rosary Box. 181/19 $9.95 Daily Companion for Young Catholics Includes a scripture reading, a reflection, and a prayer for everyday that relates to young Catholics and take only a matter of minutes to read. Written by Fr. Allan F. Wright a high school teacher. 192 pages 4” x 6-1/4”. Stained Glass Plaque/Photo Frame Features a certificate and finely detailed print which may be replaced with your own photo. 10" x 5". Boxed. 53-3001........... $5.20 Wood Cross 5” Wood Cross with Holy Spirit. Packaged with Prayer Card. 73-0525 $9.50