Affordable Edition of the New American Bible translation with features designed especially for students. Size 5-1/2” x 8-1/8” 1408 pages 13-2401 Catholic NABRE .... $6.95 NABRE Student Edition Complementing the page-indexed NABRE text, The catholic Teen Bible features other youth-friendly material including articles on the Ten Commandments, Fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Cardinal and Theological Virtues and much more. The Catholic Teen bible is a great resource for bringing Catholic youth closer to their faith and the scriptures. Size 8¹⁄4” X 5¹⁄2” X 1¹⁄4” 13-6001 Catholic NABRE .... $15.95 Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible Because teens need more than just the basics in a youth Bible. The lowest priced NABRE - Catholic Edition available anywhere. Includes the New American Bible text (with Revised New Testament and Psalms) approved for Catholic Liturgy. The Catholic Readers Edition contains the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation. Known in Latin as “Dei Verbum” or “Word of God” this vital teaching document characterizes the Catholic Church’s guidance on reading and interpreting the Word of God. This edition also include: Complete Cross References and Footnotes, introductions and outlines of each book of the Bible, Durable laminated softcover and page-edge indexing. 13-6000 Catholic Readers Edition-NABRE $7.95 Catholic Student Edition-NABRE All Bibles feature the approved New American Bible text, Revised New Testament and Psalms for Catholic Liturgy, our editions also include: The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Complete Cross References and Footnotes and Introductions and Outlines of each book of the Bible. Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics was created for young people leaving childhood and entering adolescence. Its ten special features were created to help make the Bible easier for young people to read and understand. Recommended age level: 10-13 GNT ISBN 978-0-88489-862-7 • $29.95 • paper ISBN 978-0-88489-884-9 • $38.95 • hardcover Serve young Spanish-speaking Catholics even better with this cousin to The Catholic Youth Bible® ; it has similar features but a distinct personality. Recommended age level: 13 and up ISBN 978-8-48169-923-4 • $24.95 The Catholic Youth Bible® will be a true companion, helping teens find the answers they seek and helping them make connections to Catholic beliefs and traditions. Recommended age level: 14-18 NABRE ISBN 1-59982-925-8 • $29.95 • paper ISBN 1-59982-922-7 • $38.95 • hardcover NRSV ISBN 1-59982-923-4 • $29.95 • paper ISBN 1-59982-924-1 • $38.95 • hardcover Catholic Youth Bibles C10 Prices subject to change without notice. BIBLE INDEX TABS Permanent polyester film, gold embossed, self-adhesive. 85 tabs identify each book of the Old and New Testaments. 43-3112 English Version.........$5.15 43-3113 Spanish Version........$5.15 43-3024 DELUXE RIBBON BOOKMARKER Five colored ribbons. Tabs can be customized. Minimum of 5, 14” Length........$7.95 43-3061 MISSAL MARKERS Eight gross grain ribbons, 20” long............$17.50