Magnificent new series of religious books for children, superbly illustrated in Full color and simply written, that will help all children to better understand the Catholic Faith. Ideal for Home or School. No. Title 202-00 Catholic ABC Book 275-00 My Picture Missal 276-00 I Believe In God 278-00 The Seven Sacraments 279-00 Miracles Of Jesus 280-00 Mary, My Mother 281-00 The Angels 282-00 God Loves Us All 283-00 Good St. Joseph 284-00 The Holy Rosary 285-00 Apostles Of Jesus 286-00 St. Francis Of Assisi 287-00 The Ten Commandments 288-00 My First Prayer Book 289-00 St. Paul The Apostle 290-00 St. Peter The Apostle 291-00 The Parables Of Jesus 292-00 Following Jesus 293-00 My Friend Jesus 294-00 My Day With Jesus 295-00 Book Of Saints(I) 296-00 Book Of Saints(II) 297-00 Elizabeth Ann Seton 298-00 Kateri Tekakwitha 299-00 Stations Of The Cross 301-00 Feasts Of Jesus 302-00 Teaching Of Jesus 303-00 Promises Of Sacred Heart 304-00 My Life With God 305-00 The Works Of Mercy 306-00 My First Picture Dictionary 307-00 Book Of Saints (III) 308-00 Book Of Saints (IV) 309-00 Pray Always 310-00 The Holy Spirit 381-00 Prayers For Everyday 382-00 My First Catechism 383-00 Saint Martin De Porres 384-00 The Eight Beatitudes 385-00 St. Patrick 386-00 St. Anthony Of Padua 387-00 Our Lady Of Fatima 388-00 Prayers To The Boy Jesus 389-00 Our Father And Hail Mary 390-00 Our Lady Of Guadalupe 391-00 Our Lady Of Lourdes 392-00 Going To Confession 393-00 Book Of Saints (V) 394-00 Book Of Saints (VI) 395-00 Precepts Of The Church 396-00 Sacramentals 397-00 The Holy Eucharist 398-00 The Psalms 399-00 Great Men: Old Testament 486-00 Great Men: New Testament 487-00 Great Women Of The Bible 488-00 Children’s Prayers To Mary 489-00 Mass For Children 490-00 My First Prayers 491-00 Holy Communion 492-00 Story Of Easter 493-00 Prayers—All Occasions 494-00 The Church Year 495-00 Celebrating Advent 496-00 Prayers In Verse 497-00 The Way Of The Cross 498-00 Celebrating Christmas 499-00 Our Parish Church 500-00 Book Of Saints (VII) 501-00 Book Of Saints (VIII) 502-00 Celebrating Lent 503-00 Immaculate Conception 504-00 Book Of Saints (IX) 505-00 I Love My Pet 506-00 Book Of Saints (X) 507-00 Book Of Saints (XI) 508-00 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit 509-00 Sacrament Of Reconciliation 511-00 God The Father 512-00 Book Of Saints (XII) 513-00 Holy Trinity 514-00 The Commandments 515-00 St. Therese Of The Child Jesus 516-00 Mother Theresa 517-00 The Twelve Apostles 518-00 The Sacraments 519-00 Miracles Of The Bible 520-00 Prayers To My Favorite Saints I 521-00 Prayers To My Favorite Saints II 522-00 The Joy Of Being A Catholic Child 523-00 The Holy Family 524-00 Praying To My Guardian Angel 525-00 Padre Pio 526-00 Scriptural Rosary For Children 527-00 Pope John Paul II 529-00 Saints Of The Americas 530-00 Saint Francis Of Paola 531-00 Catholic Book Of Prayers For Children 532-00 The Angels 533-00 St. Joseph As A Patron Saint 534-00 Pope Francis, Man Of Peace BOXED GIFT SET 26 Titles No. 300-00.......$49.00 BOOK OF SAINTS (I-XII) GIFT SET No. 314/GS.......$23.95 Total 101 in Print Each book has the IMPRIMATUR of the Archdiocese of New York Saint Joseph Picture Books C5 Prices subject to change without notice. 1.95 each