NEW CATHOLIC FAMILY BIBLE Truly the most elegant of all. Here is an exceptionally fine Catholic Bible for the entire family to enjoy for many years. Durable binding. GIFT BOXED. 1752 pages. 81⁄2 x 11. PAGE STYLE # COVER EDGING PRICE 619/97 White Padded Gold $63.00 FINE ART EDITION NEW CATHOLIC BIBLE This beautiful edition will stimulate all Catholics to read the Bible and help better understand the Divine Message. 1696 pages. 6-1/2” x 9-1/4”. PAGE STYLE # COVER EDGING PRICE 614/97 White Padded Gold $54.00 GIFT EDITIONS NEW CATHOLIC BIBLE Large easy-to-read type, colorful 8-page Family Record, over 70 photographs, self-explaining maps, Bible Dictionary. GIFT BOXED. 1696 pages. 61⁄2 x 91⁄4. Style # Cover Page Edging Price 510/19BN Brown Duotone Gold $34.00 510/19 BLU Blue Duotone Gold $34.00 Duotone Editions Ideal for school and home study. Gift Boxed. Style # Cover Page Edging Price 510/23 BG Burgundy Zipper Gold $35.00 510/23 GN Green Zipper Gold $35.00 510/33 BG Burgundy Magnet Gold $38.00 510/33 GN Green Magnet Gold $38.00 Deluxe Binding Gift Editions Your choice of reinforced zipper binding with gold-tone cross pull or magnetic closure that help protect this handysize Bible as well as enhance it’s overall beauty. Bibles C6 Prices subject to change without notice. Style # Cover Price 614/10BG Burgundy Imitation Leather $35.00 614/10B Black Imitation Leather $35.00 614/13BG Burgundy Bonded Leather $52.00 614/04 Brown Flexible $22.95 614/22 Black Hardcover $24.00