3305 Lectern w/o shelf : $1400.00 3305S Lectern w/shelf: $1560.00 20”w x 18”d, 45”h 1/2” acrylic 3305W Lectern w/wood top, w/o shelf: $1400.00 3305WS Lectern w/wood top & shelf: $1560.00 20”w x 18”d, 45”h Top: 3/4” wood Base & Pedestal: 1/2” acrylic (Cross or custom logo available at additional cost) 3305C Add for cross: $70.00 630 Pulpit w/two inside shelves. 36”w x 24”d, 46”h: $3745.00 Top: 22”w x 20”d 631 Pulpit w/two shelves 33”w x 24”d, 47”h: $2495.00 Top: 28”w x 24”d 632 Platform Base 38”w x 54”d, 6”h: $625.00 688 Celebrant Chair w/upholstered seat & back. 30”w x 26”d, 46”h: $2850.00 688S Side Chair w/ upholstered seat & back: $2705.00 689 Side Mount Book Rack: $220.00 Inside: 5-1/2”w x 3-1/2”d, 7 to 9”h 634 Tabernacle Stand 36”w x 24”d, 42”h: $3275.00 635 Altar 60”w x 32”d, 40”h: $5615.00 636 Altar 72”w x 38”d, 40”h: $6040.00 637 Altar 60”w x 60”d, 40”h: $8040.00 419 Altar with elegant recessed panels and enclosed back. 60”w x 30”d, 39”h: $4910.00 419A Altar 72”w x 36”d, 39”h: $5510.00 Church Furniture E16 Prices subject to change without notice.