KNEELERS The Classic Kneeler and the Folding Kneeler are handcrafted in genuine maple hardwood. Each kneeler has flame-resistant padding and a shelf for Bible storage. Choose from beautifully finished pecan or walnut stains. Classic Padded Kneeler Maple Hardwood with Foam Pad Pecan Stain 20" W x 32" H x 20" D A. 69300 Pecan Stain SRP $169.95 B. LC907 Walnut Stain SRP $169.95 Folding Padded Kneeler Maple Hardwood with Foam Pad Pecan Stain 20" W x 32" H x 20" D C. ES774 Pecan Stain SRP $199.95 D. MD013 Walnut Stain SRP $199.95 Personal Bed Time Kneeler Maple Hardwood with Foam Pad Walnut Stain 20" W x 6-1/2" H x 12-1/2" D Pad: 17" W x 1-1/2" H x 8" D E. YC791 Pecan Stain SRP $49.95 F. YC929 Walnut Stain SRP $49.95 Folds for easy storage! A B Folds for easy storage! C D Robert Smith® furniture is handcrafted from genuine maple hardwood. This exclusive styling was designed with your church sanctuary in mind. Choose from traditional pecan stain or darker walnut stain. The smooth matte sheen finish resists fingerprints and is easy to care for. Communion Tables Maple Hardwood 32"W x 23"H x 24"D G. B1623 Pecan Stain SRP $199.95 H. B1624 Walnut Stain SRP $199.95 Paschal Candlestick Maple Hardwood High Polished Brass Pecan Stain 49-1/2" H, 12" Square Base Holds (4) 1-1/2" Dia and (1) 3" DiaCandles I. 61430NB Pecan Stain SRP $129.95 J. LC911NB Walnut Stain SRP $129.95 Candles are sold separately. Credence Table Maple Hardwood 30” H with 23” W x 16” D Top K. 65603 Pecan Stain SRP $199.95 L. LC909 Walnut Stain SRP $199.95 F E CHANCEL FURNITURE H G J I K L Church Furniture E17 Prices subject to change without notice.