Brass Symbols available on many of our Altars and Communion Tables 1550 Brass Symbols solid brass wheat, grape, and fish. Add these symbols to any of our Altars or Communion Tables: $370.00 5066 Altar 60”w x 30”d, 40”h: $3525.00 5067 Altar 72”w x 30”d, 40”h: $3805.00 5070 Altar of Repose 40”w x 30”d, 42”h: $2855.00 (not shown) 475 Communion Table with lettering. 60”w x 24”d, 32”h: $2355.00 625 Altar w/rectangular trim (shown) legs and layered top: $5920.00 626 Altar w/gothic trim (detail shown) legs and layered top: $7580.00 60”w x 36”d, 40”h 3760 Altar w/symbol. 60”w x 36”d, 40”h: $4820.00 3761 Altar w/o symbol. 60”w x 36”d, 40”h: $4655.00 3772 Altar w/symbol. 72”w x 36”d, 40”h: $6685.00 3773 Altar w/o symbol. 72”w x 36”d, 40”h: $6510.00 1460 Altar 60”w x 32”d, 40”h: $5755.00 1472 Altar 72”w x 32”d, 40”h: $6145.00 1484 Altar 84”w x 32”d, 40”h: $6470.00 (Brass symbols available for additional charge) 4460 Communion Table 48”w x 24”d, 31”h: $1460.00 4460L Communion Table w/lettering “THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME”: $1715.00 (not shown) 5060 Altar 60”w x 30”d, 40”h: $3725.00 5061 Altar 72”w x 30”d, 40”h: $3880.00 3707 Communion Table w/lettering. 60”w x 30”d, 35”h: $3565.00 3708 Communion Table w/o lettering. 60”w x 30”d, 35”h: $3325.00 535 Altar 60”w x 36”d, 39”h: $8315.00 536 Altar 72”w x 36”d, 39”h: $8680.00 537 Altar 84”w x 36”d, 39”h: $9345.00 538 Altar 48”w x 48”d, 39”h: $8305.00 2161 Communion Table with closed back. 60”w x 24”d, 32”h: $4595.00 2161SD Communion Table same as the 2161 except w/ open back, two shelves, and a sliding door w/lock: $5050.00 635 Altar 60”w x 32”d, 40”h: $5615.00 636 Altar 72”w x 38”d, 40”h: $6040.00 637 Altar 60”w x 60”d, 40”h: $8040.00 655 Altar 60”w x 40”d, 39”h: $6240.00 656 Altar 72”w x 40”d, 39”h: $6655.00 Altars and Communion Tables F19 Prices subject to change without notice.