Custom Church Furnishings E5 Prices subject to change without notice. Partnering with architects and designers to provide custom work which reflects the vision of the parish community. Please call us with your inquiries. Ambo AC-103 32”w x 48”h x 22”d Pulpit with adjustable top 38”w x 48”h x 24”d AC-303 Lectern 32”w x 48”h x 22”d AC-304 Communion Table (not shown) 26”d x 72”w x 32”h AC-300 Baptismal Font 18”w x 18”d x 39”h AC-305 Flower Stand 14”w x 14”d x 32”h AC-314 Pulpit Chair Without arms 23”w x 52”h x 22”d AC-208 (shown) With arms 27”w x 52”h x 22”d AC-207 Pulpit (Banner not included) 36”w x 48”h x 22”d AC-203 Altar AC-200 24”d x 60”w x 32”h AC-201 36”d x 72”w x 39”h AC-202 36”d x 84”w x 39”h Matching furniture available (not shown) AC-104 Lectern AC-105 Baptismal Font AC-106 Altar of Repose AC-107 Celebrant’s Chair AC-108 Side Chair w/o arms AC-109 Credence Table AC-110 Prie Dieu AC-111 Acolyte Stool Altar of Sacrifice AC-100 36”d x 72”w x 39”h AC-101 36”d x 84”w x 39”h AC-102 72”d x 72”w x 39”h